Working together to strengthens the bonds among the American and Nepalese people.

About Us

Established in 1967, The America Nepal Society promotes learning and positive relations between Nepal and the USA.

We are a non-profit that fosters greater knowledge and understanding of literature, arts, cultures, values, manners, social customs, and other facts of diversities and similarities among Nepalese and Americans in the USA. We celebrate annual picnic and Dashain Tihar Mela with Americans, friends of Nepal and the Nepalese community in the greater Washington DC area. We also organize seminars, talk programs on socio-economics, socio-politics, geo-politics and human rights, cultural programs, welcome senior political leaders and literary figures, prime ministers, ministers, the American ambassador to Nepal, and the Nepalese ambassador to the U.S.

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President's Message

Thank you for visiting the official website of the America Nepal Society (ANS). ANS is a Nepalese-American-owned and operated nonprofit organization dedicated to working together to strengthen bonds between American and Nepalese people, and explore the culture shared between us. We work to celebrate and preserve our heritage through events, activities, and youth programming. Our ANS youth program meets biweekly to learn ways to connect with and showcase their culture, engage with local government leaders to learn the ins and outs of working with and for your community, and explore personal and professional development through mentor-ship programming. We strive to provide a networking platform for our members and their families. Events and activities organized by ANS are only made possible through the generous support of our DMV community, and businesses and individuals like you. I am so grateful for all who have contributed to the success of ANS, and I appreciate your continued support for our work. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, we urge you to practice CDC guidelines for your safety as well as your community's. Please follow the link ( to the CDC guidelines to protect your household and community. In addition, enter your zip code to find out the nearest COVID-19 test site ( Go to clinics instead of crowded large facilities. Fees: Testing and Treatments are free. If confirmed, home isolation for 14 days, please help stop spreading COVID-19. Please see the resources pages for additional resources available for the community. 

Prabha Deuja

President, America Nepal Society

Steps we take to serve the community

Our Mission

To promote friendly relations between the United States and Nepal; and to serve the community we live in, the Nepalese expatriates and friends of Nepal living in the Washington DC metro area (and the US). These are done through community services we periodically engage in; through cultural activities and the other projects we engage in on a need basis.

Goals to better our future and grow

Our Vision

We aim to bring together the Nepalese American community (of all ages – youths and adults) and promote active citizenship and civic engagement while appreciating our cultural heritage, values and traditions.

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Upcoming Events

We periodically host charitable, literary and educational activities to bring people together and raise awareness of cultural and political events. To hear more about our community activities, please register for our mailing list.