About Us

America Nepal Society is one of the oldest organizations in the USA established in 1967. This is a non profit organization working exclusively for charitable, literary and educational activities. The activities ANS has done over the years are for fostering greater knowledge and understanding of literature, arts, cultures, values, manners, social customs, and other facts of diversities and similarities among Americans and Nepalese in the USA.

The former US Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker is the first Honorary Chairman of the ANS in 1967. Col. William Gresham served as an honorary president of the ANS in the same year, 1967. Many distinguished Americans and Nepalese have contributed their valuable time, efforts, and talent to foster and bridge the cultures, values, and other walks of life among Americans and Nepalese under the banner of the ANS. For the detail list of all those community leaders, please click here . In addition to those leaders, there are numerous elected executive board members and general members who have been contributing their countless hours and energy over the years to bring the ANS active in the community.

The ANS has been conducting lot of activities in the community. It celebrates annual picnic and Dashain Tihar Mela with the presence of Americans, friends of Nepal and Nepalese community in the greater Washington DC area. It also organizes seminars, talk programs on socio economic, socio politics, geo politics and human rights, cultural program, welcome to the senior political leaders and literary figures, prime minister, ministers, American ambassador to Nepal and Nepalese ambassador to US and the likes. ANS has been conducting its activities with the close collaboration of local Nepalese organizations including the Nepalese Embassy, Washington, D.C. Tourism expo was one of the great successful programs jointly organized by the ANS and Nepalese Embassy in 2003. We welcome you to visit our site and expect to work together in future. If you would like to hear more about our community activities, please register your email address in our mailing list.